Typical landscape of lusatian coal mining district; Fotograph: ENO / Marcel Schröder

Regional Development

The impulses emanating from ERIS for innovative technological approaches in the areas of production, energy, and environmental technology represent an opportunity for regional companies to open up new business areas based on existing structures and competencies and to establish market innovations.

Coal Power Plant Boxberg - one of the most efficient and lowest emission coal power pants worldwide
Lusatia is a high-tech region with a high level of expertise in the key areas of raw materials, energy, production, automation and environmental technologies. ERIS builds on this. (Photo: LEAG)

A future for the Lusatia region

The market for technologies that are resource-efficient, climate and environmentally friendly, as well as digital, artificially intelligent and automated, offers enormous growth and business potential and attractive fields of application for the capabilities and industry structures that already exist in the Lausitz technology region. ERIS is intended to form an innovation motor that supports the development of new business areas and the development of competitive advantages with new technologies and products.

The plan is to create and develop a regional innovation ecosystem with a focus on innovative raw material, energy, production and environmental technologies both for space applications and for sustainable development of terrestrial economies.

»Those who master the technologies to establish human life on the Moon and Mars in the long term can also use these technologies on Earth to advance the closure of resource recycling, minimize resource consumption and save energy.«
Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Dittus, University of Bremen, former board member of the DLR


Transfer-relevant technology fields

  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    Resource extraction, production and supply systems in space are highly automated. The robotics center in ERIS will be one of the largest in Europe and will develop artificially intelligent robotic systems for a large number of application fields. This competence can be used on Earth for the development of autonomously controlled vehicles, among other things.

  • Resource efficiency and circular economy

    Space applications require the most efficient use of all resources. For this purpose, ERIS will develop technological solutions that can be used on Earth to reduce independence from critical primary raw materials and to close material cycles.

  • Energy Technology

    Reliable energy supply systems based solely on non-fossil energy sources must be developed for stations on the Moon and Mars. Technological developments can provide impetus for the design of fail-safe local energy supply networks on earth.

  • Security and Resilience

    Due to their life-sustaining function, supply systems for space stations on the Moon and Mars must be absolutely failsafe and resilient to unexpected situations. Knowledge can be gained from corresponding developments that also enable more resilient production and supply systems on earth.